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Hi, I'm Yoni Cohen-Idov, and I help people with message conveyance.  I'm a former world debate champion, and have adapted my methods to help you deliver your message effectively. Pitches and presentations, meetings,  job interviews - in any situation you want to get your message across, I can help.

Yoni’s Expertise


In a presentation, pitch or public address, you have only a few minutes to convey a message that’s critical to your professional future. But conveying a complex message in a few minutes – is a profession in and of itself - It's my profession.

On both content and delivery - I can help make sure your message gets across as clearly and effectively as possible.

Education and Social-Entrepreneurship

Effective personal communication and informed public discourse are crucial to a functioning society. Unless rational and factual argumentation is prized, we risk falling victim to empty rhetoric employed by charlatans. When we don’t truly listen to one another, it has detrimental effects on our ability to make the right choices, both in our individual lives and on a societal level.

Through various education programs and social-initiatives, I have made it one of my life's missions to promote a higher level of civil discourse and better personal communication.



Communicating your thoughts and ideas to another, getting them to see things your way, is perhaps the most important skill of the modern world. Both careers and personal relationships hinge on whether you can get another person to understand your reasoning and point of view.

In my lectures, I explain how to apply techniques developed in the world of professional debating in order to: Find the right thing to say in a given scenario; Phrase it effectively; Convey it clearly and persuasively; And predict and mitigate misunderstandings and controversy.

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